Dog Boarding

Kara' s Kritters originally offered boarding as a convenience to our grooming customers, but enjoyed the one on one extra time with our furry friends so much that we made boarding part of our full time services. We pride ourselves on being your pets home away from home. We only offer our special services to 8 pups at a time so reservations are required. Each boarding guest is treated to their own space that includes either a Keranda cot or a Perla basket style bed covered in fresh, clean blankets. 

Kara's Kritters requires the following things be present for boarding:

  1. Full vaccinations, including Bordatella
  2. Your dogs food, so that there isn't any change in diet that might upset your pets tummy.
  3. A favorite toy or blanket to provide some of the comforts of home. This is not required but is highly encouraged. 

Perks of choosing us to care for your pup:

  1. Owner/ operator on site 24/7
  2. Giving medications is no problem. - injectable medications ( such as insulin) are not a problem either. Our staff has been properly trained to handle these situations.
  3. Night time cookies, belly rubs and playtime are included for each guest.
  4. Picky eaters are not a problem, bring feeding instructions and we will make sure your pet gets what they need.

The facility:

We are an indoor facility with 3 outside potty/ play areas. Dogs are rotated throughout the day. We pay close attention to their individual preferences and allow them outside time as frequently or infrequently as they like. We do our best to keep things as familiar tonhome as possible. We taylor each pets stay to fit their individual needs. Small dogs, and senior dogs do especially well with us.

Boarding fees:

Boarding is handled much like a hotel. You are charged for the day you come in regardless of the hour. If your pet is picked up by noon on the day you check out there is no charge for that day. 

  • Pets 20lbs and under ... $17.00
  • Pets 20lbs and over ... $20.00
  • Puppies and high energy breeds ( Huskie, GSD, Pitbulls)... $25.00
  • Intact or in heat pets will be an additional ... $5.00 per day.
  • Injectable medications ... $3.00 additional per day.
  • Forget to bring your pets food? No problem we can feed them out high grade food for an additional ... $2.00 per day.
  • We offer an after hours pick up for $30.00. The pick up must be scheduled with the staff at the time of the reservation . No exception
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